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Do I Need CFO Services?

Companies that go this route do so for various reasons, from a lack of internal resources to a need for insights from growth experts.

Do I need to cut costs?

A virtual CFO performs all the services of an in-house chief financial officer but usually on a contract, part-time basis. As a result, CFO services make access to strategic financial advice affordable for small businesses. Plus, you control costs by getting only the services you  need when you need them.

Do I need customized service?

CFO services customize their scope of work depending on your organization’s size, industry, and financial needs. Your virtual CFO becomes your best resource for cutting costs within your business and its larger operations.

Do I need a (temporary) growth partner?

CFO services help you navigate different growth phases as you scale your business—whether it’s from $1 million to $10 million or $100 million to $500 million. As you grow and your needs change, your virtual CFO can help with your transition from outsourced CFO services to an in-house position.

Do I need an accounting partner with niche expertise?

Virtual CFOs usually specialize in one  industry, so they easily get to know your business. But they also have a history of  resolving diverse financial issues, with guaranteed experience in  situations similar to anything your organization may face.

Think CFO services could be the right solution for your business? Give us a test-drive.